Visitors’ Centre

Kisiizi Falls Visitors CentreThe impressive thatch for the roof of the Visitors’ Centre comes from an island in Lake Victoria and was put in place by thatchers from Arua in NW Uganda while the timber frame was constructed by men from Mbale in the East of Uganda!  After a warm wKisiizi Falls Visitors Centre entranceelcome you can plan your visit according to the amount of time you have available and our Staff will happily help you with this and if you wish to have a guide to escort you and explain many of the fascinating stories this can be provided.

Kayak on lagoon




Here you can also organise time in a Kayak on the lagoon or hire mountain bikes or try out one of the traditional engozi stretchers used traditionally to carry sick patients to hospital or to ceremonially carry a bride.  The Staff will provide sticks to assist with some of the paths and slopes on the rougher areas and trails and can provide a pair of binoculars if you left yours at home as you won’t want to miss the spectacular birds to be found here.

Crested cranes by Visitors Centre

Furnishings being installed in Visitors Centre

Kisiizi Falls blend coffee When you return from your expedition you will find displays of different aspects of Kisiizi Falls and Kisiizi Hospital and will be able to buy Kisiizi Falls Coffee which is a great-tasting blend specially produced by our partners at Gorilla Highlands Coffee.

You can relax with a cold soda or water and decide which of the variety of postcards, books, batiks, bags and carvings you wish to take home as a souvenir of your visit.

As with all of Kisiizi Falls activities, the proceeds go to the Kisiizi Hospital Good Samaritan Fund.  Thank you for your support.








Thatchers take a break…


Lorry with Thatch

lorry arrives with thatch from Lake Victoria… 

Beginning to construct the roof framework

roof frame seen from inside

Thatchers at work

Laid-back thatcher!