SkyTrail: Kisiizi Falls 3-stage Zipline








Cross the meadow from the Kisiizi Falls Visitors Centre, pass the lagoon, climb the zig zag path up the hill and you will come to the final platform of the SkyTrail ride.  High above the strong cable reaches the platform hung between two trees.

You continue to ascend seeing the zipline to your right with the beautiful waterfall beyond.  Now you climb over a ridge and new vistas into the next valley open up as you move down to the first section of the ride.  This is easy to clip on to as you can reach the start of the cable from the ground without any platform needed.  Once safely harnessed, gravity carries you down to the first platform, high above a river valley where you leave section one and click on to section 2.  You ride down to platform 2 within a clump of trees.

And now the fun starts as, after your warm up, you get ready to ride the final high-level high-adrenaline run way above the suspension bridge with Kisiizi Falls well below you to your left.

SkyTrailSkyTrailYou reach the final platform with pulse racing after the cheers from the onlookers watching from the old banda site and then you carefully descend the ladder to meet terra firma once again…

will you go round again???